Signature Flavors infuse your grilling experience with rich, full-bodied flavor and aroma that’s been known to cause some serious neighbor envy.

Greg “Dr. Flame” Maier, Ph.D

Senior Scientist | Kingsford Research & Development



Add elevated taste to any grilling experience. Easy to add to any charcoal grill — see pack for instructions.


Enjoy excellent performance in all pellet grills, including Traeger and Pit Boss — see pack for instructions.


This charcoal comes pre-mixed with flavor boosters that steadily release flavor you can see, smell and taste.

item.name_image.alt }} GARLIC ONION PAPRIKA

Savory, caramelized flavor featuring an earthy base of garlic paired with the mildly sweet notes of onion and warmth of paprika.

item.name_image.alt }} BASIL SAGE THYME

Smooth, balanced flavor that channels a peppery blend of basil harmonized with mellow hits of herbaceous sage and earthy thyme.

item.name_image.alt }} CUMIN CHILI

Bold, smoky flavor built on a warm and hearty foundation of cumin with a spicy pick-me-up pop of chili heat.


Try each Signature Flavor in charcoal, pellets and flavor boosters.

What Grillers Are Saying

When we fired up the grill with these pellets, our mouths started watering almost immediately! Not just a smoky fragrance, but the smell of spices.


You can smell the basil, sage and thyme before even opening the bag. These pellets add a whole new dimension of flavor to our food we didn’t even know we needed!


We use this to smoke is soooooo good. The flavor is infused so well. It adds the perfect amount of cumin and chili smoked taste. Will be using this lots!



Get step-by-step instructions for charcoal, pellets and flavor boosters.

  • 1

    STACK Signature Flavors Briquets in a pyramid. Add lighter fluid to hot coals or fire.

  • 2

    LIGHT briquets. Leave uncovered about 15 minutes for them to ash over.

  • 3

    SPREAD in a single layer and begin grilling. Pre-season your food as you normally would.

  • 1

    FILL hopper with Signature Flavors Pellets. About 1 lb per hour on low heat, 2 lb per hour on high heat.

  • 2

    LIGHT grill and set temperature according to grill directions.

  • 3

    BEGIN GRILLING and keep the grill closed to capture the full flavor. Season your food as you normally would.

  • 1

    LIGHT briquets (sold separately) following package instructions and allow to ash over.

  • 2

    ADD six or more Signature Flavors Flavor Boosters onto lit coals.

  • 3

    BEGIN GRILLING and keep the grill closed to capture the full flavor. Pre-season your food as you normally would.

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