An American Story

The history of grilling at Kingsford is a classic American story. It all started in 1919 when Edward G. Kingsford helped Henry Ford procure a stretch of timberland to supply wood for his auto plants.

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Kingsford® Preserve the Pit

Kingsford remains committed to celebrating Black barbecue culture by launching the second year of Preserve the Pit and doubling the investment in aspiring barbecue professionals.

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American Pride

An American-made company founded over 100 years ago, Kingsford has a lot to be proud of. Our employees have been continuing the family tradition in backyards across the nation.

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Wood Pellets on a Gas Grill

You’ll be the envy of your neighbors when they experience the delicious aroma coming from your backyard grill. Available in pellets, charcoal and boosters, our Signature Flavors infuse your cookout with rich, full-bodied flavor.

What You’ll Need

Fuel and Tools

How to Prep

  • Aluminum Foil Method:
  • Place a 12” x 14” piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil on a flat source, shiny side up.
  • Fold the foil in half to create a crease.
  • Unfold and place a ⅔ cup of Kingsford® Signature Flavors Wood Pellets on one side of the foil.
  • Refold in half and fold the top and bottom edges over about ½” twice, repeat with the rightmost edge.
  • Flip over the pack, and using a steak knife, poke a few holes in the side with no visible folds to allow the smoke to escape.
  • Place the pack on your gas grill — and enjoy the smoky flavor!
  • Smoke Tube Method:
  • An additional and convenient way to get more smoke flavor is with a smoke tube.
  • Simply fill the metal tube with the Kingsford® Signature Flavors Wood Pellets or standard Kingsford® Hardwood Blend Pellets of your choice.
  • Next, place the smoke tube on the grate and position a Kingsford® Quick Light fire starter on one end of the tube. Light the Kingsford® fire starter and let the flame spread to the pellets. You can also use a propane torch on the low setting to start the pellets.
  • Once a good flame develops, fan the flame to make sure you’ve reached a good level of combustion.
  • To make sure the pellets stay lit, continue to burn the flame for about 10 minutes.
  • Next, blow out the flame. Smoke should be forming and filling the cooking cavity.
  • Now, it’s time to put your food on the grill. It’s as easy as that!

How to Prep

Which Flavor Will You Try First

  • Memphis BBQ: (Available in Wood Pellets and Flavor Boosters) Rich, hickory-wood flavor with garlic, paprika, rosemary and a hint of sweetness elevate the taste of ribs, beef, chicken, pork, lamb or vegetables.
  • Bourbon BBQ: (Available in Wood Pellets. Soon to be available in Flavor Boosters.) Enjoy classic, smoky flavor. Oak wood, the traditional wood used for bourbon barrels, is a popular go-to for smoking ribs, beef, chicken, pork, lamb or vegetables.
  • Garlic Onion Paprika: (Available in Wood Pellets and Flavor Boosters) Your grill has never seen flavor like this. The steady release of flavors and smoky hickory wood, bring a new dimension of flavor to chicken, beef, pork, fish or vegetables.
  • Cumin Chili: (Available in Wood Pellets and Flavor Boosters) Indulge your senses with the vibrant notes of cumin chili blended with mesquite wood to complement the taste of chicken, beef, pork or ribs.
  • Basil Sage Thyme: (Available in Wood Pellets and Flavor Boosters) Get smooth, balanced flavor. Enjoy basil, sage, thyme and oak wood to elevate the taste of chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, shellfish or vegetables.

Which Flavor Will You Try First