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Thanksgiving, More Delicious Than Ever

Show your guests what a touch of delicious smoke can do for your holiday feast.

We all know there’s magic in a real charcoal fire. This Thanksgiving, show your guests what a touch of delicious smoke can do for the centerpiece of your holiday feast. Just one problem you might have with turkey this good — no leftovers to snack on the next day.

The Main Course — Smoke That Turkey

  • How To: Smoked Turkey

    This is the Thanksgiving turkey you dream about. Smoky, moist, with a perfectly crisp, savory skin. Follow these simple steps and you’ll never have to carve into a bland holiday bird again.

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  • Smoke & Turkey Pairings

    This handy flavor chart illustrates just how fruitwood, hickory, mesquite and pecan smoke can transform the taste of your turkey. It even helps you choose side dishes to round out the feast.


    Side Dishes Your Family Will Love

    • Turkey Cranberry Sausage

      Now you can have all your favorite fall flavors in every sweet & savory bite.

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    • Butternut Squash

      The sweet, earthy flavor of butternut pairs perfectly with savory smoked turkey.

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    • How To: Grilled Corn

      Follow these simple steps, and enjoy sweet, buttery corn, hot off the grill.

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