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Kingsford® Original – fish For perfect seafood meals, start with the freshest fish possible and the best charcoal around — Kingsford® Original Charcoal. Read more
Applewood favorites The mild, yet distinct flavor of applewood smoke brings a subtle smoke and sweetness to the lighter flavors of poultry or seafood. Dial up your dinner by adding applewood to the... Read more
Grill the Good Stuff for Your Late Summer Bash Burgers and dogs may be staples of griling season, but when summer starts winding down, it’s time to elevate your cookout menu. These recipes showcase high-quality meats t... Read more
The world of kebabs Cooking meat on a stick over live fire is the most primal, ancient way of cooking. Primitive cultures cooked meat on spears. Travelling armies cooked meat on swords. Today, this... Read more
How to: arrange your coals with the Coal Configurator Think of this as your charcoal reference manual — how much to use, heat ranges, and a simple visual guide to popular charcoal arrangements. How much charcoal should I use? The... Read more
How to: real wood flavor When we think smoke flavor, we immediately think of the BBQ classics ribs, brisket and pork shoulder cooked over low temperatures. But you can easily add smoke flavor to just ab... Read more
How to: shrimp kebabs When it’s Done: When the shrimp curl and turn pink and the flesh is pearly and opaque. Ingredients:30 large shrimp with tail shells on (21-25 count per pound) Cherry toma... Read more