Kingsford® Recipe Series

Recipe Series

30 Min Meals

Half an hour and a bag of Kingsford® is all it takes to create crave worthy meals on your grill.
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Big Game Eats

Kingsford and recteq team up to bring you the best Big Game eats for you and your family. Get your lineup ready for some major grilling touchdowns.
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Blaze with T-Pain

Watch as T-Pain goes head-to-head against some amazing chefs to see if he can master grilling.
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Field to Flame

We hope you’re hungry because this Kingsford and Masterbuilt collaboration is serving up some of the freshest grilling recipes you’ve ever laid your tastebuds on.
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Global Grill

Take your grill on a tasty trip around the globe with this curated collection of fired-up international favorites.
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Smoke Sessions

Where there’s smoke, there’s flavor. Level up your grill game with these hot tips from Pitmaster Rasheed Philips and BBQ Experts Anita and Howard Hsu.
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Adventurous Eats

Take your taste buds outside their comfort zone with these unexpected twists on grilling favorites.


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