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Grill Guide: The Kettle

The most versatile grill around, it grills, it smokes, it’s the go-to grill for cooks of all skill levels.

The Kettle

The Kettle

The quintessential American grill, this is the cooker you find most commonly in backyards across the country, and with good reason. It may not look fancy, but the kettle can do it all, and quite well. It features a large cooking area that’s well suited to both high-heat grilling over direct heat as well as grill roasting over indirect heat. They also typically have a dome-shaped lid with vents, which means they can be used for smoking BBQ specialties like brisket. When buying a kettle, look for sturdy construction, a convenient mechanism for capturing ash and easy-to-use vents on the lid as well as the bottom of the kettle.

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