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The Do-It-Yourself Cookout

Get your guests involved, and let them customize their own perfect plate.

Experienced grillers know that when you put guests in control, you can save a lot of cooking, plating and serving time. Not only that, a self-serve bar or do-it-yourself spread lets your friends and family customize their meal just the way they like it. Here are a few ideas for your next cookout.

  • Build-Your-Own Burger

    Set up the ultimate burger bar, and your guests will happily assemble their own.

    Find Out How

  • Customizable Kabobs

    Let guests create their own skewered combos with their favorite meats and veggies.

    Skewers Guide

  • More Ways to S’Mores

    Prep the ingredients and see how creative the kids get with their favorite fired up treat.

    S’mores Recipe

  • You look like someone who loves to grill

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