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The 10 Baddest Burgers of All Time

If there’s a Mt. Rushmore for burgers,
these are on it.

These 10 epic burgers kick serious bun

Burger bosses around the world are taking the classic hamburger to all-new levels of awesome. Feast your eyes on the baddest burgers of all time.

  1. 10

    The Jalapeno-Pimento Cheese Burger

    Jalepeno pimento cheese burger

    Say goodbye to plastic wrapped American cheese forever. This spicy Southern twist features homemade jalapeno-pimento cheese.
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  2. 9

    Tangy Texas Tiger Melt

    Texas Tiger Melt

    Budweiser® Beer and chipotle barbecue sauce may be the stars of this Texas-style burger, but it’s pickled okra that delivers an unexpected pop of flavor.
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  3. 8

    Pressed Cuban Burger

    Cuban Burger

    A nod to the Cuban sandwich, this pork burger combines ham, Swiss cheese and pickles on Italian bread, pressed to toasty perfection on the grill.
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  4. 7

    Chorizo Beef Burger

    Chorizo Burger

    This finalist in the 2014 Sutter Home® Build a Better Burger® contest combines beef with spicy chorizo, topped off with tangy orange piquillo relish.
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  5. 6

    Asian Burger with Ginger Slaw and Sriracha-Lime Mayo

    Asian Burger

    This burger delivers the Far East flair with ginger-infused coleslaw and the tangy heat of Sriracha-lime mayonnaise.
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  6. 5

    Smoked Chili Frito Pie Burger

    Frito Pie Burger

    The Frito Pie is an all-time Southern favorite, so it was only a matter of time before corn chips and cheesy chili found its way into a burger.
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  7. 4

    Whistler Village

    Sutter Homes® Winner Whistler Burger

    Another finalist from Sutter Home®, this burger is inspired by Canadian poutine, but replaces traditional French fries with a hash brown patty.
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  8. 3

    100% Bacon Bun Burger

    Bacon Bun Burger

    At nearly 3 pounds, this bacon-bunned monster puts other bacon burgers to shame. Would you believe it’s free of carbs and gluten?
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  9. 2

    Brat Burger with Spicy Beer Slaw

    Brat Burger

    Pitmaster extraordinaire Chris Lilly has reimagined the grilled bratwurst as a burger, topped with spicy homemade beer coleslaw.
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  10. 1

    The Ultimate Mac ‘n Cheese Burger

    Mac n' Cheese Burger

    Epic is the only word that accurately describes our number one burger, featuring buns made entirely out of mac ‘n cheese. Game. Set. Burger.
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