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The Essential BBQ Thanksgiving Guide

This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for BBQ grilling.

Turkey? Check. Charcoal? Check. Alright, let’s get this feast fired up. From a tender and tasty smoked Thanksgiving turkey to a perfectly grilled ham with savory seasonings, these recipes will have friends and family clamoring for a seat at your table. So get that apron on, and get ready for an unforgettably delicious BBQ Thanksgiving.

  • How To: Smoked Turkey

    Perfectly moist and bursting with flavor, a smoked turkey makes an impressive — and delicious — centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. Yes, you can master this next-level Thanksgiving feat — just follow our step-by-step guide and soon you’ll be serving up succulent slices that impress even die-hard turkey doubters.

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  • Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers

    Tired of the same-old, same-old? Serve up your feast inside a bun, with this fun recipe that combines everyone’s favorite flavors of Thanksgiving. This is a great way to truly enjoy the holiday without spending your whole day in the kitchen. And that’s something to thankful for.

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  • How To: Grilled Ham

    At the risk of starting a family feud, we know of no law that says you have to serve turkey on Thanksgiving. Especially when you’ve got this super-flavorful grilled ham on the BBQ. Rubbed with savory seasonings and full of hearty flavor, your guests will never miss that other famous menu item.

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    • Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

      This is the master recipe you need to take turkey from meh to memorable. Herbs, compound butter and a deeply flavorful rub come together in a moist, perfectly smoked turkey you’ll crave long after the holidays have ended. Yes, it’s okay to make it even when it’s not Thanksgiving.

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    • Smoked Turkey Wings (AKA Pterodactyl Wings)

      Looking for flavor? Found it. These turkey wings are rubbed, sauced and smoked to delectable perfection. Shake up your holiday with a more casual approach to turkey, or serve these bad boys any (every?) weekend to a very happy gathering of friends and family.

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    • Smokin’ Turkey Rub

      Before you cook the bird, you’ve got to build the flavor. Our Smokin’ Turkey Rub seems simple, but brings big time smoky goodness to the table. Use this recipe as your go-to rub, or add in a secret ingredient or two to make it your own.

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    • Charcoal Grilled Butternut Squash

      The more of the feast you grill, the fewer dishes you have to do afterward. That’s just one reason we love this savory side dish from world-champ Pitmaster, Chris Lilly. Drizzled with chimichurri dressing and a sprinkle of goat cheese, it just might steal the turkey’s spotlight.

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    • Charcoal Roasted Whole Goose with Pan-Dripping Potatoes

      Want a little extra wow-factor this Thanksgiving? Try this succulent twist on tradition from author and BBQ master Jess Pryles. Roasting on the grill brings out a delicious smokiness, and the potatoes catch any flavor that tries to escape.

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    • Green Onion and Sage Turkey Meatballs

      All the best parts of Thanksgiving, in one amazing sandwich. Don’t be fooled by the multiple steps in this recipe from chef Jean Paul Bourgeois. There’s nothing here you can’t handle, except maybe the knock-you-down flavor explosion when you take your first bite.

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    • Herb Infused Turkey Wings

      If you like your wings on the more civilized side, give these un-saucy but oh-so-flavorful grilled turkey wings a whirl. The fresh herbs combine with the orange juice for a tender, juicy and deliciously different wings experience.

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