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Grill Today. Eat All Week.

Pick a protein, and kick start your meal plan for the week.

Learn how to make the basics so you can grill in bulk, then prepare your proteins in new ways throughout the week. Once you know the keys to perfectly grilled steak, chicken or pork chops, a single cookout can keep you feasting for days. Just fire up your favorite protein, and enjoy tasty, reimagined leftovers all week long.

Learn The Basics of Fool-Proof Steak

Learn The Basics of Fool-Proof Steak

See how a two-zone fire and the right timing can transform ordinary steaks into perfectly seared masterpieces.

How to: steak

Once you make the steak…Try these recipes:

How to Master Basic Grilled Chicken

How to Master Basic Grilled Chicken

Everyone does chicken, but not everyone does it right. Here are six steps to the most tender, juicy chicken on the block.

How to: chicken breast

Once you make the chicken…Try these recipes:

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