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Hop On These 8 Easter Grilling Ideas

Celebrate the day by getting friends and family together for an amazing Easter cookout.

Grillmaster’s Tip: Fire up any of these recipes over the mild, nutty flavor of pecan. Learn more


Get Fired Up

See how Brad & Brooke, championship grill masters from the world-famous Shed in Mississippi, celebrate Easter with smoked ham.

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Spring Ahead Starter:

  • Grilled Scotch Eggs

    Go on the hunt for these battered, sausage-wrapped eggs.

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Easter Feasts:

  • Herb Grilled Chicken

    Bright, fresh herbs bring out the best in this grilled bird.

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  • Carmelized Grilled Salmon

    Spring for sweet, tender salmon straight from the grill.

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  • Rack of Lamb

    Impress family and friends with this grilled take on the classic.

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  • Grilled Ham

    Transform ho-hum ham a spectacular new Easter tradition.

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  • Turkey Breasts and Drumsticks

    Smoking makes this big bird irresistible.

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  • Prime Rib

    Prime rib on the grill will make mouths water and jaws drop.

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