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A Picnic Fit for a POTUS

Celebrate our national heroes by grilling up some favorites.

This Presidents’ Day, let’s celebrate our national heroes by grilling up some POTUS-worthy grilled favorites. Here’s our collection of American treasures that our Presidential heroes would have fired up on the White House lawn.

  1. Venison Burger with Cherry Salsa

    Venison Burger with Cherry Salsa

    Washington would have loved to sink his wooden choppers into this cherry-topped gem.
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  2. Grilled Pecan Praline Bacon

    What would Honest Abe say to a bacon eating challenge?
    Probably “Hold my top hat.”
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  3. Smoked Cheesy Balls

    They say Jefferson was all about the cheese, especially when melted with macaroni.
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  4. Smoked and Fried Wings

    Roosevelt spoke softly and carried a big stick. Preferably a deliciously fried drumstick.
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