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10 Ways to Wing It

Crush the cookout with recipes for winning wings.

Unlike most meats, wings are great right off the grill, no rest necessary.

Want your wings to really take flight? Take ‘em to the grill with recipes that go from traditional Buffalo to exotic Thai—and everywhere in between.

  1. Lollipop Chicken Wings

    Lillipop Chicken Wings

    Get the party started with the ultimate in finger food. 
    See Recipe

  2. Memphis Dry Rubbed Wings

    Memphis Dry Rubbed Wings

    The King would’ve approved of these rockin’, down-home wings.
    See Recipe

  3. Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings

    PB&J + Dare to Share Stamp

    It’s peanut butter and jelly time. All the time.
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  4. Thai Coconut Curry Wings

    Thai Coconut Wings

    Take your wings on a spicy Thai journey.
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  5. Inferno Wings

    Spicy Barbecue Roll

    Tastes like heaven. Hot as hell.
    See Recipe

  6. Smoked Turkey Wings

    195_Grill-Smoked Chicken with Jamaican Gravy

    Go big or go home. Tell the kids these are pterodactyl wings.
    See Recipe

  7. Grilled Buffalo Wings

    195_Grill-Smoked Chicken with Jamaican Gravy + Grilling Wings

    Get fired up with one of grilling’s greatest hits.
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  8. Smoked and Fried Wings

    Smoked and Fried Wings

    Can’t decide between smoked or fried? Do both, right on the grill.
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  9. Andouille Stuffed Wings

    Andouille Stuffed Wings

    Spice up your wings by way of Louisiana.
    See Recipe

  10. Grilled Wasabi Lime Wings

    Wasabi Lime Wings

    Sinus-clearing wasabi gets an extra zing from a twist of lime.
    See Recipe

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