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Hot Dog Studded Hamburger

  • Yields: 4 Servings
  • Cook time: 10 minutes
  • Prep time: 10 minutes


  • 1½ lb. ground beef (preferably an 80/20 blend)
  • 4 hot dogs (ends removed and cut into ¾ inch sections)
  • 4 hamburger buns (lightly toasted)
  • ketchup
  • mustard
  • other favorite hot dog and/or hamburger toppings


Prepare grill for medium-high heat cooking, approximately 400°F.

Form ground beef into 4 patties. Make 5–6 indentions in each burger with your finger and insert a hot dog section into each one.

Grill patties for 4–5 minutes per side until they reach an internal temperature of 160°F. Remove hot dog studded burger patties from the grill, place on buns, and serve immediately with ketchup, mustard and your favorite hot dog and/or hamburger toppings.