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Get These Greens on Your Grill

These aren’t your momma’s veggies.

Many of us have been traumatized by those three words served up nightly by mom, along with a pile of canned spinach or steamed-to-mush broccoli. But vegetables don’t have to be the bland, colorless stuff from your childhood. Think crisp, sweet corn, or tender red beets, served fresh and hot off the flame. Time to grill up. It’s a new day for veggies.

Mexican Street Corn

A delicious trifecta of sweet corn, peppery chili and savory cheese.

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Grilled Endive Salad

A little grill time makes these greens tender and tasty.

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Vegetable Pasta

Clint Cantwell used his noodle to transform grilled veggies into pasta.

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Stuffed Eggplant

They’re seasoned, grilled and stuffed. With deliciousness.

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Grilled Eggplant Parmesan

These grilled steaks are so hearty, you’ll forget they’re veggies.

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Beet Pastrami Reuben

Your new favorite pastrami sando isn’t made with pastrami.

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