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Five Spicy Bites that Bite Back

Heat up your next cookout with these spicy bites.

The country’s ever-growing love of chili peppers and fiery sauces like Sriracha has made spicy foods hotter than ever. It’s a trend we love, because spice has a way of kicking up the magic. A dash of cayenne pepper or a hit of jalapeño can enhance flavors in awesomely unexpected ways. Check out five of our favorite fiery dishes, and bring the heat to your next cookout. But use caution – with great spice comes great responsibility.

Fire Walker Wings

These wings are spiced twice, with a peppery red chili sauce.

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El Diablo Burgers with Charred Chile Pepper Relish

Serrano peppers and jalapeños give this burger just the right bite.

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Spicy Barbecue Roll

Cream cheese and bacon help to tame the spice in this amazing roll.

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Grill-Smoked Chicken with Jamaican Gravy

Wear gloves. And respect a recipe that requires protective gear.

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Andouille Sausage Dogs with Sriracha Jalapeño Slaw

How do you heat up an andouille dog? Sriracha jalapeño slaw.

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