Every year, our plant in Belle, Missouri helps turn one million tons of wood into charcoal briquettes – firin’ up cookouts across the country.

But hard work isn’t all we do. We bring that same passion home, when we come together with family around the grill.

And every one of us has a story to tell: about America’s backyard and the charcoal that’s been startin’ something for almost a century.

Check out Victor’s story.

From makin’ grills to smokin’ meats, this griller isn’t afraid to try something new.

Check out Patrick's story.

What started as carrying on a tradition, has turned into sharing it with the world.

Check out Casey’s story.

Kingsford’s training coordinator takes us inside the Belle, MO plant.

Check out Clay’s story.

A third generation Kingsford worker, his passion and pride run deep.