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S.O.S® Grill Mates

For heavy-duty tasks, S.O.S® Grill Mates gets the toughest jobs done — with more soap and more steel than regular soap pads! Designed to power through the toughest messes and greasy problems, S.O.S® Grill Mates makes cleaning your grill fast and easy. Keep your grill grates spotless with S.O.S® Grill Mates.
  • Makes cleaning grills fast and easy.

  • Industrial strength with more steel and soap than regular soap pads to cut through the toughest messes.

  • Also great for other heavy-duty tasks around the house—inside and out.

Always Practice Safe Grilling Learn more+
For Your Safety • Allow coals to die out.
• Ensure grill is no longer hot.
• Brush off any loose grilling residue from rack with a grill brush.
• Wet S.O.S® Grill Mates Steel Wool Soap Pad with water and apply slight pressure to clean rack.
• Rinse thoroughly with water.

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