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take it easy

Avoid putting a thick, sweet sauce on raw wings before grilling. The sugars in the sauce will burn before the meat inside has a chance to cook through. The result will be a wing with an incinerated exterior and a raw interior.

Classic Brats

Classic Wisconsin bratwursts are traditionally boiled in beer before grilling. Simmer the sausages in a pan on the grill with water or beer, adding onions or a tablespoon or two of butter if you like. Once cooked through, sear the sausages directly over the coals.

simmer dogs

If you prefer, you can simmer your hot dogs in water in a saucepan or foil pan on the hot side of the grill. Then move to the pan cool side, remove the hot dogs, and sear them directly over the coals.

shrimp shells

The advantage to using shell-on shrimp is their natural fireproof jacket prevents burning, and the meat steams up nicely inside. If you choose to go shell-on, use a liquid marinade to season so that more flavor gets past the shell.