Kingsford™ Spices and Seasonings

Kingsford™ spices and seasonings are just what you need to elevate your favorite grilled meals. Just shake on the flavor to infuse meats, fish, and veggies with a mouthwatering kick. Choose from Original, Cajun Style, Lemon Pepper, Garlic & Herbs or Original No Salt.

Kingsford™ Grill Covers

Kingsford™ grill covers are crafted with PVC-free materials and extra-long tie-down straps to keep your investment well protected. Made with tough fabric to guard against the elements and reinforced corners to ensure durability where it counts, a Kingsford™ grill cover will make sure your cooker is ready to go when you are.

Kingsford™ Paperware

Kingsford™ paperware products add festive flare to any cookout occasion. Available in small and large standard plates, or handy cup holder plates.

Kingsford® BBQ Lighters

These specially-designed Kingsford® lighters feature a long reach nozzle and adjustable flame to safely ignite hard-to-reach places on the grill. They’re great for firing up briquets, and the wind resistant flame and jumbo fuel cell can keep you grilling all year round. These lighters meet all of the stringent safety, child resistant and performance requirements set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Kingsford™ Grill Cleaner

Kingsford™ grill cleaning solution breaks up grease and food residue so you can start each cookout with a clean grate.

Kingsford™ GrillMate

Kingsford™ GrillMate™ features a handy scraper, a bottle opener built right into the handle, and sturdy non-metal bristles to clean all types of grills, including cast iron and porcelain coated grates. Replaceable cleaning pads mean you’ll never have to use a dirty brush again.

Kingsford™ Chips ‘n Wood Chunks

Savvy grillers know that authentic smokehouse flavor starts with real wood smoke. Kingsford™ 100% all-natural smoking wood chips and chunks infuse grilled foods with the rich taste of real Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Pecan, Cherry or Alder. Each package comes with a pairing guide to help you choose the perfect wood for your favorite grilled meats.

Kingsford™ Wood Pellets

Kingsford™ premium wood smoker pellets are made from all-natural 100% American Hardwoods. Choose from Hickory, Cherry, Apple, Oak and Competition Blend to infuse your favorite grilled meats, fish, and vegetables with real smokehouse-quality flavor. For more information visit

Kingsford™ BBQ Ribs & Entrées

Kingsford™ BBQ ribs and entrées bring real slow-cooked smokehouse flavor to your table, any night of the week. These sweet and smoky meals come pre-sauced in no-mess packaging that’s ready for your oven, microwave or grill. For more information visit

Kingsford® Charcoal Grills

Kingsford® offers a full lineup of charcoal grills and smokers to handle any cookout, big or small. Keep the heat going with delicious BBQ all year long with a high-quality Kingsford grill, designed and manufactured by the Rankam Group.